What to Expect

Guest Questions

What do people normally wear on Sunday mornings? [-]

  • Clothes.  Everyone at Evanston wears clothes.  🙂   All joking aside, we have people that wear suits and ties and we have people who wear jeans and hoodies.  We want you to come as you are.

Do you have coffee and stuff? [-]

  • Yup.  We have coffee and (from time to time) some snacks.

Is your coffee any good? [-]

  • While its probably not quite Biggby’s, its pretty good for church coffee.

Can we bring coffee into worship with us? [-]

  • Yup.  If you spill, please let the ushers know so we can help clean it up.

What’s your worship like? [-]

  • Our worship ministry is growing.  We have a more relaxed format and sing a variety of kinds of music from vintage hymns to present day worship songs.

What kind of church are you? Do you belong to a denomination? [-]

  • We describe ourselves this way:

1)  We are followers of Jesus that worship together in a local church.

2)  Our foundational understanding of scripture align us with the essential beliefs of all Protestant, Evangelical churches.

3)  Our distinctive doctrines about baptism, church governance, and the role of the individual believer, align us with the Baptist tradition.

4)  As a church, we chose to associate with a global church movement called Converge Worldwide.  To find out more about Converge, you can visit their website at http://www.convergeworldwide.org/about

Do you just want my money? [-]

  • Nope.  Sometimes churches come across like they are all about wanting you to give us money.  Here’s the deal.  Every church is supported by charitable giving.  So during our service, we do take an offering.  As members of Evanston Avenue Baptist Church, we view that as part of our worship.  As a guest, we don’t expect you to give anything.  If EABC becomes your church home, and if you want to support what we’re all about, then feel free to give.  Until then, please come and enjoy what we have to offer!