What’s My Next Step?
Whether you are new to Evanston, or have been coming since you were born there is a Next Step for you!

Your Next Step

Sometimes it can be tricky to know what your next steps should be. Here at Evanston we want to help you along your faith journey and we do that in a number of ways. We have several ways to take your next step and get connected…

Upper Room Youth

First, if you are a young person in 6th through 12th grade your next step would be, well upstairs for UpperRoom Youth. The youth meet every Sunday Night at 6 PM in the Upper Room. They have a great time with worship and discussions.

Bible Times Club Kids 5th grade and below Sundays @ 6

If you’re not in 6th grade yet, that’s ok because your next step takes you to Bible Times Club! Join the amazing Mr. Darren every Sunday night at 6 for fun games, lessons, and projects. Bible Times Club also has some great prizes lined up for the kids so you want to be sure you get hooked up with them.

Monthly Fellowship Dinner - Every Last Sunday after church

Now if you are a little older than a 12th grader, or a lot older than a 12th grader, your next step takes you downstairs to the fellowship hall. Every month we have a Fellowship Dinner and this will be a great chance to get to know some of our members, leaders and staff, not to mention you get to enjoy some awesome Spaghetti. We have so many connection opportunities for Adults:

I can guarantee that there is a perfect next step for you and you will find it at the fellowship dinner.


Service Opportunities

Your next step might just be to get involved in ministry here at Evanston. We are always looking for volunteers for the children and youth, so if you are interested in helping out, talk to the elders and they’ll get you connected.

Creative Ministry

Finally, we are looking for anyone who wants to help out with the creative side of things. If you would like to join the band, sing with the singers, work with the sound and media or put your creative talents to work in our videos and graphics then we NEED you!  Speak to one of the elders to find out how you can get involved.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have openings/needs in the following areas. There is no limit to the number of volunteers we can have in any position. Please talk to the elders if you are interested.

  • Worship
    • Musicians of any type and ANY Skill Level (Piano, Strings, Guitar, Bass, Percussion)
    • Vocalists any skill level (Especially looking for singers who want to learn to lead)
  • Tech
    • Sound Tech (Manage Front of house mix and Live stream mix)
    • Sound Tech Assistants (Willing to be trained to be a sound tech)
    • Multi-Media Producer (Coordinates Media, Camera, and Live Stream production)
    • Computer Operators (Manage media on-screen, manage live stream, interact on social media)
    • Camera Operators (Set-up and control Cameras, shoot videos and announcements)
    • Artists and Designers of any sort (Decoration, Promotions etc.)
  • Front-Line
    • Greeters (Welcome people, orient them to the different areas, help people in and out in bad weather)
    • Hosts (Accompany people to different areas of the church as needed, take care of refreshments)