Jesus Is The Center Of The Gospel

February 3, 2019
The message of Christ was out of place in the Roman world. Paul, the apostle to the gentiles, opens his letter to the Romans reminding us that Jesus is the…

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Missiology – We Belong to God, We Go To Them

We Belong To God, We Go To Them

January 20, 2019
In this sermon Pastor Matt challenges us to consider the difference between a church and a country club. If God is our's then our church becomes a country club, but…

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Living A Dangerous Faith

August 5, 2018
What does it take to live a Dangerous Faith? Pastor Matt explores the differences between living in our own power and living in Jesus' power. There is a cost, but…

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Points of Discipleship & Baptism Service

June 17, 2018
Visiting Missionaries Ralph and Ellen Shepard share about their ministry in Mexico. Then we finish the service by baptizing five people.

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Missionary Guests Ralph and Ellen Shepard Sunday School Presentation

June 17, 2018
Missionaries Ralph and Ellen Shepard share a presentation about their ministry in Mexico

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Cowboy Theology Vs. Settler Theology

June 11, 2017
We love the cowboy story, but when it comes to theology, is it the best approach? In this message Pastor Matt compares the two approaches to life from a theological…

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Overcoming Barriers Through Grace

March 5, 2017
How do you overcome barriers to spiritual conversations? In this sermon Pastor Matt explores Jesus' healing at the pool of Bethesda to see how he overcame rationalizations and barriers to…

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Jesus And The Woman At The Well

February 19, 2017
How do you start a Spiritual Conversation, and break down the barriers that separate us? In this sermon Pastor Matt takes a look at Jesus' encounter with a social out…

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Becoming Kingdom Builders

January 22, 2017
What does it take to become a Kingdom Builder rather than a Kingdom Staller? In this message Pastor Matt shares with us three roadblocks that can prevent us from fully…

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Coming Down From The Mountain

January 15, 2017
Is it possible to simply live in our "God Moments"? Can we hold on and stay on the mountain top? In this message Pastor Matt looks at Jesus' transfiguration and…

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