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The Greatest Of These

February 25, 2018
Of all the commands that Jesus made, which is the greatest? In this message, pastor Matt explores the source, effect and fruit of agape love.

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The Least Of These

February 18, 2018
How do we relate to people who are on "the other team"? In this sermon Pastor Matt helps us understand how our focus determines our ethics and how our ethics…

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Living Sacrifices

February 11, 2018
In this sermon Pastor Matt unpacked "The Four Wills of God" and how they help us understand our place in the Kingdom and in the Community of Believers.

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Your Will Be Done

February 4, 2018
In this sermon Pastor Matt unpacks the concept of Active Patience. Is it possible to be patient and be active at the same time? How does active patience work in…

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Your Kingdom Come

January 28, 2018
There is an end... The big question is what do we do with that knowledge. Do we hunker down to ride out the end, or do we encourage one another…

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The Church And The Kingdom

January 21, 2018
In this sermon Pastor Matt reveals the importance of the church being an agency that brings the knowledge of the Kingdom to the Earth.

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The Foundation Of The Kingdom

January 14, 2018
What are the foundations of the Kingdom of God? In this sermon Pastor Matt unpacks 4 vital foundations that the Kingdom of God is built on and reminds us of…

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Understanding The Kingdom

January 7, 2018
What is the Kingdom of God. Pastor Matt examines how the Kingdom of God is both the "Not Yet" and the "Already Here".

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