Unlocking Our Hearts For God

Compassion – Our Witness

When God talks about compassion, it is sandwiched in context with worship. Pastor Matt shows us how compassion is a form of worship and ultimately a witness to those around…

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Debt – Our Snare

Debt vs. Contentment. Pastor Matt reveals how contentment and greed contribute to debt. Pastor Matt asks the question, is there such a thing a good debt?

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A Biblical Lifestyle: Our Goal

What does it take to have a Biblical Lifestyle? Pastor Matt lays out the framework for generosity by revealing the keys to a Biblical Lifestyle; Seeking God's Kingdom and His…

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The Widow’s Gift

Do our gifts bring glory to ourselves or to God? Pastor Matt takes a look at the story of the Widows Gift and shows us how our attitude in giving…

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Tithing; Our Test For God

Pastor Matt explores Malachi Chapter 3 in its entirety to help us understand how our giving reflects our trust in God, and how our level of joy in Him influences…

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God’s Generosity: Our Example

If we want to be more like God, then we have to learn to be generous like God is generous. In this sermon Pastor Matt challenges us with a section…

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Unlocking Our Hearts For God – Money

No one likes to talk about money, but The Bible has a lot to say about money. In today's message Pastor Matt reveals that money is a tool that can…

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