The Owner's Manual

Worship: Practices and Ordinances

In this sermon Pastor Matt reflects on some of our practices and ordinances, and how they are a symbol of who we are and what we believe. Worship - Ordinances…

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Spiritual Gifts

April 29, 2018
In this third part of our Owner's Series, Pastor Matt explores the power of Spiritual Gifts. What is your Spiritual Gift, and why is it so important that you know…

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Worship & Prayer

April 22, 2018
In this continuation of our ownership series Pastor Matt unpacks the way we worship and why each part is so important. Then he challenges the church to be known as…

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The Bible & Teaching

April 8, 2018
In this first sermon of our new teaching series "The Owner's Manual"; Pastor Matt explores the Bible, how we got it, how we teach it and how we live out…

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