The Great Reverse

What would it take to turn your world Upside Down? In this examination of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, Pastor Matt helps us apply Jesus’ words to our lives so that we can turn the world upside down.

Connecting to the Father

March 13, 2016
In this final sermon from The Great Reverse Pastor Matt helps us tie together the last few verses from the Sermon On The Mount. Jesus ends his great sermon with…

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Don’t Be The Sin Police

March 6, 2016
In this special service Pastor Matt turns the order upside down and the church tries to live out what the scripture teaches about communion and seeking forgiveness and reconciliation.

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Why Worry? – The Sermon on The Mount

February 28, 2016
What happens when we try to serve God and Mommon? Worry, that's what. In this sermon Pastor Matt exposes the principle source of worry, and what we can do to…

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God Wants Your Stuff!

February 21, 2016
God want's your stuff. That's it. He want's all of it and all of you. Pastor Matt shows us how we can really turn the world upside down by giving…

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The Drip – Becoming More Like Jesus

February 14, 2016
How does transformation take place in our lives? Pastor Matt outlines three spiritual disciplines that over time will mold us to be more like Christ.

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How To Be Mistaken For Jesus

February 7, 2016
What would it take to be mistaken for Jesus in the way you live, act and speak? In this sermon Pastor Matt teaches us from the example of the Amish,…

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A Spiritual Titanic

January 31, 2016
Is there a chance that someone could be so secure in their minds that they are on the right course but in reality they are headed for disaster?

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Turn The World Upside Down

January 24, 2016
What would it take to turn the world upside down. This week Pastor Matt begins a new series called the Great Revearse looking at Jesus' Sermon on the Mount and…

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Reverence or Joy?

January 20, 2016
Which is more important for Worship; Reverence or Joy? Are they mutually exclusive, or perhaps do they work together to produce an authentic God honoring worship.

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