It Is Done. It Is Won!

The Holy Spirit – Our Sending Agent

Pastor Matt taught about the Holy Spirit. He explained that the Holy Spirit is an unexplained mystery that nonetheless guides us and counsels us.

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God, Our Good Father

Today Pastor Matt revisits the Parables of the Lost Sheep, Lost Coin and the Lost Son. How does God reveal to us that he is a good father in these…

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God Our Rescuing Shepherd

Jesus' victory over death restored our relationship with our God and our Father. In This message Pastor Matt reminds us that God himself seeks the lost and is looking to…

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The Gift of Redemption

Is there anything that just turns your stomach? That absolutely disgusts you? For the Jews all of the gross filthy things were taken outside the city. Jesus was taken outside…

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How To Stop Faking It

There are types of people in this sermon; those who are trying to get their Christianity right, those who know there is something missing from their lives and things just…

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Considering The Proof Of Jesus

On this Resurrection Sunday Pastor Matt presents the evidence for Jesus' death, but more importantly His resurrection and asks us to consider the evidence that He did indeed RISE and…

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