Finding Our Place

Mentoring The Next Generation

August 28, 2017
"If we do not mentor the next generation then this Church dies with us!" In this message Pastor Matt explores the importance of mentoring the next generation by looking at…

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Who Is My Neighbor? – Addressing Racism

August 21, 2017
In this special message Pastor Matt addresses the issue of racism in the church and in society.

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Values & Passion

August 6, 2017
Our values form our passions, and our passions reveal our values. In this sermon Pastor Matt takes a look at the story of Nehemiah and reveals some big truths about…

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What’s Your Super Power

July 30, 2017
In this special Family Worship Sunday and VBS Sunday Pastor Matt asks what is your super power? We find that the greatest power of them all is Love. You can…

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Unstoppable Force Or Immobile Object

July 23, 2017
Jeremy answers some questions about Spiritual Gifts, and asks the church; will we be an Unstoppable Force or an Immobile Object?

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Spirit And Soul On A Mission

July 16, 2017
In this message Pastor Matt explores the relationship of the Body, Spirit and Soul and how they must be redeemed for God's Mission.

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Using Our Talents For The Mission

July 9, 2017
How can we use our talents and skills for God's Mission. In this sermon Pastor Matt shows us how natural gifts and talents can be used for the mission.

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A Royal Priesthood

July 2, 2017
What is your place? Pastor Matt kicks off our new series "Finding Our Place" by reminding us that we are a Royal Priesthood.

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