Exodus - A Redemption Story

The Big Finish

The final study on the Book of Exodus.

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The Golden Calf

While Moses is on the mountain to recieve the covenant, Arron and the people of Israel break the covenant before it even gets started. The remarkable thing is that God…

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Exodus 25-30

This week Pastor Matt takes a look at the symbolism in the tabernacle.

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The Law & Grace

In Exodus 20 God uses a common format of a Suzerain-Vasal Treaty to establish his covenant with Israel.

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Exodus 19 – Levels of Intimacy

Looking at Exodus 19 Pastor Matt reveals 3 levels of intimacy with God in the account of God meeting with the people at Mount Sinai.

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Exodus 13-15

Pastor Matt takes an in depth look at the crossing of the Red Sea and asks the question: What does God do, and what should I do?

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Exodus – The Cost Of Sin To God

How does sin effect God, and what is the cost of sin? In the end why does sin have to be paid with blood?

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Exodus 7 – Missions in Exodus

Pastor Matt examines Exodus Chapter 7 and draws some powerful connections and principles for missions from Moses and Aaron's confrontations with Pharaoh.

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