Building God's Kingdom

Our Megaphone

August 28, 2016
Worship is our megaphone to the world. Our God is worthy of our praise and worth our wholehearted, sold out worship.

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God’s Megaphone

August 21, 2016
What is the purpose of suffering? Why does God allow good people to suffer. In this message Pastor Matt unpacks some difficult questions, and helps us understand that when there…

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God’s Most Shocking Gift

What is the most shocking, awesome and (at the same time) terrible gift that God has given us? How could someone who knows so much, and knows God so well,…

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God’s Great Desire

Solomon built a magnificent temple for the Glory of the Lord, but the temple was more than a structure, it was part of God's mission to reveal himself to the…

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The Wise Guy

Solomon was given the "Genie Moment" we all hope for. God told him, 'Ask me for anything and I will give it to you'. What he asked will set the…

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The Promise Breaker

Pastor Matt demonstrated how God forgives all sinners who confess, even those who committed atrocities as serious as those of King David.

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The Promise Maker

Pastor Matt describes how the promises that God made to King David were fulfilled when Jesus came to Earth and how his promise for rest extends to us today.

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A Godly Friend

What does it take to be a Godly Friend, and how does friendship work to build God's Kingdom. In this message Pastor Matt draws the connecting lines between the deep…

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