A Christmas Mystery

Something strange is happening in a sleepy backwater town. A priest gets a message so shocking that he loses his ability to speak… A young woman gets a visit from a stranger that will change her life forever… A good man has to decide whether he can still marry his fiance after he finds out she is pregnant and he knows he is not the father… A Government is in turmoil with rumors of an uprising and the entire country is fixated on strange astrological events that people can’t stop talking about. Everyone’s paths collide with the appearance of a mystery man with a message for everyone.

Jesus Loves Us And Came To Make Us Children Of God

December 27, 2015
Jesus' birth was unlike any other birth. If you could chose a family tree to be born in, would you have chosen his? Everything about Jesus' birth demonstrates his great…

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Leverage. Liferaft. Lord

December 20, 2015
The Magi upended their lives on a promise, to pursue a king. Herod hoped to manipulate the situation and the religious leaders were just looking for a way out. Who…

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Conditions For Peace

December 13, 2015
Have you ever felt like you were living inside a snow globe? Everything is perfect and calm, then suddenly everythings get shaken and "turmoily". The life of Jospeh shows us…

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Joyful People

December 6, 2015
What makes a person Joyful? Pastor Matt takes a look at the story of Mary, Jesus' mother and shows us how knowing who God is and how He sess us…

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Mystery of God’s Hope

November 29, 2015
A Christmas Mystery Begins

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