Currently, we have 5 LIFE Groups

More information will be coming soon, but if you are interested in a LIFE group, please contact one of the LIFE group leaders or call the office to get connected with a group.

We have 5 groups around Muskegon and you can choose a group closest to you, or you can join a group that has people in it you already know, it’s up to you.

North Muskegon

Pastor Matt & Becky
Wednesdays at 7 at Pastor Matt’s House

East Muskegon/Wolf Lake

Jonathan and Sherry
Wednesdays at 7 at Jonathan’s House

Muskegon Heights – Norton Shores

Jeremy & Karen
Wednesdays at 6 at Jeremy’s House

Hickory Village

Jeremy & Barb Kantola
Fridays at 1 pm in the Hickory Villiage Library

Family Life Group

Jeremy & Karen
Fridays at 6 at Jeremy’s House



Evanston Avenue Baptist Church

1188 Evanston Avenue
Muskegon MI 49442
231-773-6586Get Directions