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God’s Righteousness

Worship Song List 2-17 Come Thou Fount Blessed Assurance Open Up The Heavens So Will I (100 Billion X) God Is Able

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Tough Questions

Facing tough questions As we look into Paul’s Letter to the Romans, it doesn’t take us very long to see that Paul has a point he wants to make, and he doesn’t waste any time getting to that point. Christ is the center of the Gospel, but what happens when we put ourselves at the […]

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Jesus Is The Center Of The Gospel

When we feel out of place it helps to find our center This week we are kicking off a new sermon series on Romans. This complex letter was written to an interesting bunch of Christians who found themselves out of place in their world. Their new found hope in Jesus quickly put them at odds […]

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Being God’s Church

We Are God’s Church If our belief about God informs our worship, and our worship fuels our mission, then our mission will shape our church. What kind of church God has called us to be? This week we continue our 30 Days of Prayer focusing on God’s Church. Jan 27: ECCLESIOLOGY –  Being God’s Church […]

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Reflecting On God’s Mission

This week we are reflecting on our role in God’s Mission. As we enter our third week of prayer for 2019 we are concentrating on God’s Mission. This week we will be praying for our Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria. God has called us to be a part of his mission, let’s take a hold of […]

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Reflecting on God’s Character

As we continue on our 30 Day Journey in prayer we will spend it focusing on the Character Of God and looking forward to understanding his mission and our role in it. We are intentionally making space in our lives to worship God, but also to do OUR part in his mission. Join us this […]

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Let’s Kick Off 2019 By Praying For Our Church and Our Leaders

Pray for our leaders

For the first week of Our 30 Days of Prayer Campaign we are going to focus on praying for our Church and our leaders. Jan 6: We will start with praying for our church and its leaders: Pastor Matt & Becky Jeremy & Karen Joy & Daniel Jonathan & Sherry Darrin & Michelle Manual & […]

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Don’t Forget Winter Retreats are Right Around The Corner.

Hey Guys! Don’t forget that you need to sign up for Winter Retreats. Talk to Joy to sign up for the winter retreats. Jr. High – FrostBite Get more information about the retreat here. High School – Fire & Ice Get more information about Fire and Ice here.

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Stay Up To Date With Our Christmas 2018 Guide

Don’t miss a thing. We’ve got you covered with this handy guide to all the events this Christmas   Emmanuel. God with us. God becoming flesh and making His home among us is what gives us hope. God stooped down and became one of us…making His home with us, taking on our limitations, and being […]

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One More Day and Our Adventure In Babylon Is Over…

Day Four Was A Blast Today the kids learned that when we are lonely, God is there for you. They visited Daniel in his old age and learned that God will always be with us. You can still get in on the last day of VBS, Join us at 6PM Friday night. The kids have […]

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