Tough Questions


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February 7, 2019


Facing tough questions

As we look into Paul’s Letter to the Romans, it doesn’t take us very long to see that Paul has a point he wants to make, and he doesn’t waste any time getting to that point.

Christ is the center of the Gospel, but what happens when we put ourselves at the center. Paul pulls no punches when he talks about the consequences of a life with ourselves at the center.

Therefore God gave them overĀ in the sinful desires of their hearts ... (Romans 1:24)

When we chose to put ourselves at the center, God let’s us take the reigns and in the end, we do a great job of wrecking our own lives. Paul calls us to take a hard look at our lives, ask the tough questions and find out who is at the center of our lives.

This week as we worship let’s draw near to God and ask Him to transform us.

Worship Song List 2-10

  • Take Time To Be Holy
  • Never Be The Same
  • Blessed Be Your Name
  • Living Hope
  • Multiplied

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