Jesus Is The Center Of The Gospel


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January 31, 2019


When we feel out of place it helps to find our center

This week we are kicking off a new sermon series on Romans. This complex letter was written to an interesting bunch of Christians who found themselves out of place in their world. Their new found hope in Jesus quickly put them at odds with the rest of their society and with other religions, even with the Jewish converts.

Their situations were not that different from where many of us find ourselves. In times when we feel out of place it is helpful to know where our center is. Romans starts out by reminding us that Jesus IS the CENTER of the Gospel and is the center of our lives.

As we prepare our hearts for worship this week let’s focus on Jesus, our center.

Worship Song List for 2-3-19

  • This I Believe
  • Cornerstone
  • Love Come Down
  • Center
  • Found In You

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