Reflecting On God’s Mission


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January 22, 2019


This week we are reflecting on our role in God’s Mission.

As we enter our third week of prayer for 2019 we are concentrating on God’s Mission. This week we will be praying for our Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria.

God has called us to be a part of his mission, let’s take a hold of that challenge let the world know about the Good News Of Christ!

Jan 20: MISSIOLOGY – Joining God’s Mission

  1. That people in your Jerusalem (your neighborhood), may see Jesus through you
  2. That people in Sheldon Park & Oakview neighborhoods can see Jesus through EABC
  3. That the churches in Muskegon will be unified in sharing the Gospel
  4. For our missionaries.
  5. Confess how I have made church about me rather than God’s mission.
  6. Ask the Lord to kindle my passion for his mission.  

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