Reflecting on God’s Character


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January 14, 2019


As we continue on our 30 Day Journey in prayer we will spend it focusing on the Character Of God and looking forward to understanding his mission and our role in it.

We are intentionally making space in our lives to worship God, but also to do OUR part in his mission. Join us this week as we reflect on God’s Character and focus on his mission.

Jan 13: Doxology – Celebrating the Character of God

  1. Ask the Lord for one person I can show his love to this week
  2. Ask the Lord for one person I can begin a relationship with this week
  3. Ask the Lord for one person I can invite to church this week.
  4. Give thanks to the Lord for adopting me into his church
  5. Confess how my discomfort has prevented me from showing God’s love
  6. Ask the Lord to be able to see people as he sees them.

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