Our Annual Business Meeting is coming up January 29th Right after church

Make sure you stick around after church on the 29th and enjoy a potluck lunch! Then right after the lunch we will be having our Annual Business Meeting. The meeting is open to anyone who wants to know more about what our church has done in 2016 and hear about the plans for the church going forward in 2017.

We will also be discussing some updates to the language of our bylaws and we are making them available here for your review before the meeting. At the last quarterly meeting we presented the changes and in this meeting we will be discussing the changes. Please review the documents before the meeting .

EABC By-Laws

*NOTE: The highlighted sections in the bylaws are proposed for removal, and the text that is underlined directly before the highlighted text will replace it.

For example:

This text replaces the following text that is some-what redundant in its redundancy.

Would then read:

This text replaces the redundancy.

For your reference we are also making the Constitution available for download here:

Constitution (rev. 2015)

There are no proposed changes to the constitution, however you will find sections of the text highlighted to reflect the changes made in the last revision.

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