Building a Family of Faith


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May 10, 2016


What does it take to build a Family of Faith? We are living in interesting times, you might feel like the wheels are falling off the wagon. You might be looking around and feeling like the world has just gone insane. I don’t think there is anyone out there who could look at the world we are living in and say, “Well it doesn’t get much better than this!”

With the world changing we might be tempted to fall apart ourselves. However even in turbulent times we can build strong families of faith that serve as beacons of hope to the lost and suffering people around us.

We are looking at Families of Faith over the next month or so, and this week we are going to talk about Building A Family Of Faith. And one of the things that helps hold our families together is a heritage and history of songs. Families who worship together are stronger and weather life’s storms better. This week we are going to bring in some very old songs with a 2016 twist.

As we prepare our hearts for worship let’s ask God to be The vision for our families and lead them well in worshiping him together.

Sunday 5-15 Worship

So Good To Me4/4144bpm
O, To Be Like Thee4/485bpm
Come Thou Fount3/472bpm
I Need Thee Every Hour3/482bpm
Lord, I Need You4/476bpm
You Are My Vision4/4123bpm

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