Undomesticated Faith

July 22, 2018
In this sermon Pastor Matt examines three faith responses to Jesus, and asks the question, "Has our faith become domesticated?" What would it take to have an undomesticated faith?

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The Seeds and The Storm

July 8, 2018
In this message, Jeremy links the second half of Jesus' Sermon by the Sea of Galilee to the events that happened after. How can sowing seeds be risky, and how…

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Faith Vs. Fear

March 12, 2017
What happens when Idolatry replaces our faith? Fear is born and fear draws us away from God. In this sermon Pastor Matt reminds us that Jesus must be first in…

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Simeon’s Song

December 18, 2016
Simeon was a devout man who walked closely with the Lord and was guided by the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit led him to the Temple courts one day,…

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Jesus And The Centurion

September 11, 2016
After Jesus lays out his mission statement in the Sermon on the Mount, he is immediately confronted by a Roman Centurion with an audacious request. How do we treat "The…

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Who Do You Say That I Am?

September 4, 2016
When Jesus came home, his old friends and neighbors had certain expectations of who he was or should be. Do accurately represent Jesus in our Walk? To kick of this…

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God’s Megaphone

August 21, 2016
What is the purpose of suffering? Why does God allow good people to suffer. In this message Pastor Matt unpacks some difficult questions, and helps us understand that when there…

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An Age Of Heroes – Families of Faith

May 15, 2016
Jeremy issued a challenge to families to put God back at the center of their family lives. Families praying and worshiping together is the way to turn things around.

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