The Gospel Of Mark

Undomesticated Faith

July 22, 2018
In this sermon Pastor Matt examines three faith responses to Jesus, and asks the question, "Has our faith become domesticated?" What would it take to have an undomesticated faith?

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The Mustard Seed and The Chain Breaker

July 15, 2018
In this message, Jeremy asks if there is some deeper meaning to the Parable of the Mustard Seed and makes a link to Jesus' encounter with an outcast and broken…

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The Seeds and The Storm

July 8, 2018
In this message, Jeremy links the second half of Jesus' Sermon by the Sea of Galilee to the events that happened after. How can sowing seeds be risky, and how…

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The Sower and The Lamp

July 1, 2018
Pastor Matt Revisits the well known Parable of the Sower, and asks the questions; Why does it seem that preaching the Word doesn't work, and have we ever considered the…

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World Views on Jesus

June 24, 2018
What happens when people have differing perspective on who Jesus is? This isn't a new problem and in this message Pastor Matt examines how our world views shape our perspective…

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Chapter 2-3 – Fitting Jesus Into A Mold

June 10, 2018
Do we make Jesus into our own image, or do we allow ourselves to be molded into his image? In this sermon Pastor Matt continues our series on the Gospel…

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From Sinners to Sons

June 3, 2018
Through the story of the healing of the paralytic and Jesus's dinner party with the tax collectors Pastor Matt reminds us that Jesus desires to turn sinners into sons.

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Jesus Begins His Ministry

May 27, 2018
In this sermon, Pastor Matt provides an introduction to the Gospel of Mark, and draws out the importance learning from Jesus's model for ministry.

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